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8 Guided tours were conducted in the four protected areas, for Birdwatching, especially to watch the 3 target species. The main goal of these visits was to publicize the project and its results. The contents of these visits served as dissemination activities carried out by the project, the results and the importance of conservation of these species and their habitat.

The first guided visit was carried out in March of 2009, in Castro Verde SPA, in the form of a pedestrian route for Birdwatching.

Guided Visits in 2010:

March 20th of 2010 – Celebrating the arrival of Lesser-kestrel, with a Guidance Proof, the In the Castro Verde SPA. This initiative was designed so as to be accessible to public of all ages and foster participation by families. Leveraging return migration of Lesser-kestrel as a motto for the day, the Guidance proof addressed issues related to the three species conservation project.

May 8th of 2010 – Birdwatching guided visit conducted by the project technical team in the Piçarras SPA. This visit had the objective to publicize this new area of Natura 2000 where the project operates, and also to disclose some of the habitat management measures for the conservation of the project species.

Guided Visits in 2011:

April 16th of 2011 – Under the theme "In April ... Thousands of Birds" the LIFE Estepárias team led a visit to Guadiana Valley SPA, with a walk in the area of Moreanes, which is the most important area for steppe birds. 9 Persons participated in this activity

November 26th of 2011 - took place a visit to Mourão/ Moura/ Barrancos SPA in estates of Lameirões in Safara (Moura), in collaboration with DRAPAL. This visit was chosen to be done in this time of year since the abundance of little bustards in this SPA is larger in winter than in spring and there is also a higher probability of watching Great Bustards. 19 persons participated in this activity

Guided Visits in 2012:

March 17th of 2012 – Celebrating the arrival of Lesser-kestrel, walk in Castro Verde SPA.

April 14th of 2012 – “Steppe Party”, Storytelling session and celebration of steppe birds conservation, held in CEAVG (Castro Verde.

June 16th of 2012
– Lesser kestrel Juvenile ringing session (Castro Verde SPA).