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Noticias e Destaques
Give Lesser kestrel a new home
25 março 2013

The conservation of steppe birds is one of the priorities of LPN – League for the Portection of Nature. Lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) is one of the species that stands out in this group of birds due to its conservation status.

Recently, LPN applied the Project "Give Lesser Kestrel a new home” to the initiative promoted by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) for projects with nature conservation actions from all over the globe. After the initial selection, the best projects were submitted to vote, so the public can choose the one that considers to be the best in each category (Nature, Outdoors and Alpine).
The project “Give Lesser Kestrel a new home” is the first Portuguese initiative selected within these Nature and Biodiversity Conservation projects and, so, being able to reach the phase of public voting.
Achieving this new phase of selection is already a demonstration of the relevance of this proposal, being one of the six projects selected in the category “Nature”.

Voting will take place from March 22 until April 12. Now it is very important to get the widest support from the public, garnering the greatest number of votes.

The process is very simple and can help reaching critical support to develop this Portuguese project!

To vote, you just need a minute:
1. Enter the link:;
2. Click the "Vote Now" button, which is next to the description of the project "Give Lesser Kestrel a new home, Portugal" (the third of the list);
3. Click the button to accept the terms and conditions (at the bottom of the page);
4. Click the "Cast your vote" button (in the bottom) and it’s done! Thank you very much!

Only it will be possible to vote in one project per category and the voting process in the category "Nature" ends on April 12, at noon. The voting results will be announced online after the conclusion of the voting period.

LPN thanks the support given to the project "Give Lesser kestrel a new home"!Vote on this Portuguese project and share it with your friends!

Access the press release HERE
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