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Project Objectives
The main objectives of this project are:
  • To protect the most important breeding areas for the Great Bustard;

  • To improve breeding success and productivity of target species through habitat management, elimination of disturbance factors and recovery of injured individuals;

  • To promote the re-establishment of the Lesser Kestrel in the Mourão/Moura/Barrancos SPA;

  • To specialize the Wild Animal Reception and Recovery Center (CARAS) of the LPN-Alentejo, in Évora, in the treatment and recovery of steppe birds;

  • To encourage and advise farmers to participate in agro-environment schemes that promote the maintenance of the extensive cereal dry farming systems;

  • To minimize the impact of power lines on target species;

  • To define mitigation measures for reducing the impact of global climate changes on target species;

  • To raise awareness and improve the dissemination of information about best management practices to benefit the habitat of the target species.
This project aims towards a close cooperation with farmers, landowners, game managers and other intervenients in order to get them involved in the efforts for the conservation of these species.
This way, it will be possible to develop and disseminate good practices, promoting team work and mutual learning.