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Project Progress
Project Progress
The results achieved in these four years of intense work were mostly positive. Among them are some that we would like to detach, such as:

  • Acquisition of 168 ha of land in an area of high importance for the Great Bustard in Castro Verde SPA and removal of 2 km of fencing in areas of display for this specie;
  • improvement of 40 km of power lines in the Castro Verde SPA, with 146 supports altered to minimize electrocution and their signaling with anti-collision devices;
  • Signaling 42 km fences and installation of 184 passages for wildlife in about 28 km;
  • Recovery of 121 in 247 steppe birds that entered in the Recovery Center;
  • Defining Best Practices in watering and food availability for game birds to enable its use by bustards;
  • Signature Management Protocols with 11 land owners (to make improvements to fences and build nesting towers) and with 12 Hunting Áreas;
  • Installation of 33 water troughs and 28 feeding points in about 18 hectares of the 12 Hunting Areas with a Cooperation Protocol within the project;
  • Construction of two nesting towers for Lesser Kestrel in Castro Verde SPA and Mourão / Moura / Barrancos, with the creation of 160 new nesting sites;
  • Visits to schools and field trips with the classes that followed the implementation of the project, involving a total of about 850 students;
  • Consulting population about the importance of steppe birds conservation, with working groups involving residents and over 600 surveys;
  • Production of promotional materials (biannual newsletter, brochure, posters, stickers, children's story, exterior panels, non-technical report, DVD, etc.).

You can still participate and collaborate with us in the conservation of these especial birds ... contact us!